गीर गौ पालन एवं सेल्स-मार्केटिंग प्रशिक्षण शिविर

Gir Cow Training & Sales-Marketing Camp (4 + 2 Days)

Gau Palan Training – 4 Days in Gaushala

Sales Training – 2 Days in Gaushala

Our Vision & Activites

  • Right way to save Gir cows from extinction.
  • Right way to make Gau-products reach to more people in society.
  • Right way to educate the people about Vedic Importance of cows in our life
  • Right way to establish the fact that Cows are the river of life on earth.
  • Right way to strengthen our society and future generations.
  • Right way to Support India by reviving Indian breeds Gir cows.

Organization does 100 % Cow based farming and also arranges Seminars to INVESTMENT DETAILS educate farmers in distant villages about methods and benefits of cow based Agriculture.

  • Be proud to invest in revival of our Gau-Sanskriti.
  • Be proud to own a good Pedigree Gir cow
  • Be proud to save Indian breed gir cows which is on verge of extinction.
  • Be proud to create a Vedic and Vibrant society near you.
  • Be proud to support Organic cow based farming and protecting environment.

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